Beverly Hills Polo Club 3 Piece Women’s Collection (Sexy Blue, Embrace, Sexy FOR HER) .74oz Mini Bottles EDP Eau De Parfum


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Indulge in the captivating world of scents with our Women’s Embrace, Sexy (for Her), and Sexy Blue Eau de Parfum 3 Mini Set. This exquisite collection features three .74oz bottles, each offering a distinct fragrance experience that complements every mood and occasion.

Embrace Eau de Parfum:
Sophisticated spring tones of aromatic flowers converge with the timeless elegance of rose, creating a lovely and sophisticated fragrance. Mandarin, pink pepper, and patchouli add alluring accents, making Embrace the perfect choice for those seeking an enchanting and elegant scent.

Sexy (for Her) Eau de Parfum:

Experience a burst of sensuality with Sexy (for Her), a captivating scent designed to embrace the essence of womanhood. Citrus notes mingle with floral tones of jasmine, rose lilies, and soft sensual peony, leaving an irresistible and alluring trail.

Sexy BLUE Eau de Parfum:
Indulge in the shimmering allure of Sexy BLUE, where sweet florals meet the intoxicating embrace of whipped vanilla, creamy musk, and seductive sandalwood. This enticing combination embodies the essence of feminine confidence and allure.

Whether you’re seeking a sophisticated aura, sensual allure, or shimmering confidence, this 3 Mini Set is a versatile addition to your fragrance collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Embrace the beauty of scents and elevate your presence with these exquisite Eau de Parfums.

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